How to Keep Your Crowning Glory Stay Beautiful Even When It Is Raining

hairThere are some studies that have shown how rainwater is harmful to your crowning glory – your hair. Since rainy season has started, it is nicer for you to know some tips on how to protect your hair from the rain.


Every strand of hair comprises of long bundles of keratin proteins, that act as an external protective protein in the outer layer of your hair strand (the cuticle) and an internal structural protein in the inner core of the hair strand that helps determine its strength (the cortex). These covers protecting your hair can be damaged when exposed to the acidity of the rainwater, thus cause hair-related problems such as dandruff, brittle hair, hair shedding and itchy scalp.


You may help protect your hair from being soaked wet by rainwater’s acid by simply doing the following self-help tips:


Your umbrella is your “buddy” in bad weather like this. Do not forget bringing it with you so you can have an instant shade from rain showers. It’s very easy and simple way to protect your hair but very significant to keep your hair from being frizzy and wet.


You need to avoid a tousled or romantic up hair-do because your hair easily gets fizzier the wetter it gets. Let a lose ponytail or a sleek style rule during this type of season to make it survive the rain much better. Add plenty of products to weight down the hair and prevent it from lifting up or into flying away, instead of washing it. But when you are already cornered by the monsoon rains and thunderstorms, and your hair is already wet from the heavy rain fall, you should rinse your hair, immediately when you reach home.


Optimizing your hair care routine during rainy season is very important. Maintain healthy hair and scalp and avoid hair loss by using the right hair care products like the right hair loss shampoo. It is best to use natural topical scalp lotion and herbal shampoo and conditioner because they are best aid in promoting healthy hair and scalp. They are helpful in preventing hair shedding. They stimulate hair growth and able to enhance or improve the overall cosmetic elements of your crowning glory, giving it all the opportunity to reign and shine.


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