Powerful Lights Illuminator

downloadGreenshine is producing high-quality solar-powered street lights that are very useful and efficient for any types of usage. All of the company’s products are sold worldwide.

Here are the two products of the company that you can rely on:

This Greenshine’s new solar outdoor lighting solution is now available! Produced with the best components the Ultra Series provides high performance all year long. Quite powerful, it offers an incredible light intensity, ideal for the big area where brightness can be subject to particular regulations such as commercial centers parking lots, roadways, and streets.

Most of their solar lighting solution, the Ultra Series’ battery has a cost-efficient energy saving system that guarantees solar street light’s consistency and reliability even during cloudy or rainy day. Also, the Ultra Series has 3 to 6 days autonomy. With the brightness of its CREE LED fitting and the reliability of its battery, the Ultra Series will warrant safety for pedestrians as well as car drivers. Moreover, with its simplest design, the advanced solar lighting solution will blend efficiently to every place: corporate complex, streets, and parking lots.

The projected total savings that can be generated by Ultra annually on a 50 street light project by switching to LED are 65,700 kWh saved on grid-electricity and savings of 50 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. This type of light is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, ninety-six percent of all lead-acid batteries can be recycled. Almost any shop that sells lead-acid batteries gathers used batteries for recycling, as mandated by most state laws. A usual lead-acid battery has 60% to 80% recycled lead and plastic.

Products of Ultra series are ULTRA-120 for Roadways / Parking lots Solar Light and the ULTRA-160 (Expressways / Highways Solar Light.

  1. Dual-head.

This solar street light is excellent for parking lots and large roadways. With its two light fixtures attached to one pole, the systems are suitable to be used as solar parking lot lights. It can also be installed easily on road’s median. They can brighten a wide area. Thus, they are also fitted for streets with wide sidewalks and large parking lots. Several wattages are available to meet different brightness requirements. With their up to 6 day’s autonomy, the Dual Head Solar Street Lights offers high illumination for large and big areas.

So, if you are in need of solar-powered street lights, just call the company. Their staff are willing to assist with whatever questions you may have. Or, if you need to have more background about solar energy, you can visit their website.

Hurry and avail solar powered lights to save more money!