Top 5 Most Spoken Language in the World

4Language is certainly one of the most important faculties for any human being as it allows people to express their feelings, communicate what they want and need, understand one another and even relay information to the rest of the world. This is basically why language is very important to all of us. But what are the most commonly spoken languages in the world? Let’s go ahead and find out.

  1. Mandarin ( 1 Billion Speakers)

There are over one billion people who use Mandarin as their native language. Apparently, this isn’t very surprising considering that China is the most populated country on the planet. While it is the top spoken language in the globe, it doesn’t mean that Mandarin is very easy to learn. As a matter of fact, an average man will find it very difficult to learn the language considering that each word can be pronounced in four different tones! Nevertheless, you can still learn the language if you really have the heart to learn a very challenging language.

  1. English (508 Million Speakers)

Surprise, surprise, the second most spoken language is English. Of course, it should be on the list considering that there are millions of people from different countries that speak the language including the United States, England, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Also, many countries from all over the globe are very proficient with English considering that it is very easy to learn how to speak the language. Even on a larger scale, employment and globalization have made the language indispensable.

  1. Hindustani (497 Million Speakers)

Trailing on the third spot is India’s primary language, Hindustani. The language may even surpass English in the coming years considering that India’s population is rapidly increasing in the past few years. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Hindustani is relatively easy to learn than Mandarin.

  1. Spanish (392 Million Speakers)

Well, Spanish just can’t be left out with more than 392 million speakers all across the globe. What makes it among the most commonly spoken language is the fact that Spain was once a supreme power and had colonized a number of countries. In effect, there were many borrowed words from Spanish that are still used in the once colonized states. Such fact makes it very easy for many people how to learn Spanish. You can also¬†read about how to learn Spanish fast¬†in a number of websites.